01 June, 2011

Movie Checklist

Here's a quick Movie Checklist - make sure you know the answers to these questions before you write your treatment.

  • Title:
  • Genre:
  • Goal:
  • Arc:
  • What’s the wound/flaw which has prevented my character from achieving this arc before the beginning of this story?
  • How does my characters appearance/speech/environment change to reflect this character arc?
  • Character’s name:
  • Rough age:
  • Poor/middle/rich:
  • Expertise of the movie:
  • Intriguing relationship in the film:
  • How does this relationship change as my character moves through his/her character arc?
  • What is the hook? Describe the front titles sequence.
  • What am I going to set up in the first ten pages?
  • What’s the inciting incident and how is this going to be shown in a dramatic way on screen?
  • What’s my character’s problem at the end of Act I?
  • What’s my character’s goal at the end the beginning of Act 2?
  • What’s my character’s plan to achieve this goal at the beginning of Act 2?
  • Make a list of things which are going to go wrong.
  • How does my character’s plan change as he/she’s confronted with each obstacle?
  • At the mid-point on page 60, what happens in the scene during which my character realises ‘there’s no turning back’ on his/her character arc.
  • By page 75, what’s the list of things that have gone wrong so that my character is feeling as hopeless, miserable as I can possible make him/her? The death scene, do I need one?
  • At the beginning of Act 3, what final, incredible plan does my character make not only to save himself or herself, but, now, to save the community, the world, in fact the entire universe?
  • What’s the amazing climactic sequence at the end of the film?
  • What’s my character’s reward for achieving his/her character arc?
  • What happens in the ‘breathing space’ end credits sequence?
  • What the point of my film? What’s it say about the world in which we live? What’s the premise?
  • My film described in three short sentences.



hapi said...

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Bluecat said...

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BloodyHell said...

Seriously, this is the kind of list that completely crushes any creative process. And possibly worse it's the kind of list that clueless producers brandish as alleged evidence that they have the slightest idea what they're talking about - which also crushes any creative process (coming as we speak to a screen near you is the mediocre result of such list waving).

I'm all for helpful pointers and am a big structure fan (check out Alexandra Sockoloff's excellent blog if you're into such things), but this is just ridiculous. It's not just throwing the baby out with the bathwater it's dissolving the baby in the bath of acid, and then not throwing it out because your'e too stupid to know what you're looking at. I mean, "Describe the front titles sequence" - because "you should know this BEFORE you write your TREATMENT". This may be the least helpful advice ever. I mean ever. Even less helpful than "buy property in Dublin in 2008". Yes, that bad.

(Sorry Robin, I know you're reposting this list from somewhere else, but the mind boggles)

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