11 January, 2011

Shine Pictures announces Big Idea winners

(Via Screen Daily)

"Shine Pictures, the joint film venture between the UK’s Kudos Pictures and US producer-distributor New Regency, has announced the two winners of its ‘Big Idea’ screenwriting competition.

Nick Alderton & Sam Callis’ romantic comedy Three Nights In Fiction and Stephen Keyworth’s sci-fi screenplay Youngstown have been chosen from over 700 entries. Both winning projects will receive $39,0000 (£25,000) towards developing their screenplays into features, with the help of the Shine Pictures development team.

The ‘Big Idea’ competition was launched in September. Sci-fi and Fantasy concepts were the most popular submissions accounting for 35% of entries, followed by romantic comedies (28%), action adventure (22%) and family comedies (15%).


According to those stats, there was no drama submitted or such a small amount it wasn't worth adding up.

Lots of people in the industry recommend not writing drama for features. However, while there's no doubt it's a hard genre to sell and unlikely to do bumper blockbuster box office, there is a sizeable audience for it. If the drama is cheap then it can still make a huge profit.


Mike said...

IIRC, The Big idea contest asked for ideas for genre films, in those four categories, so straight drama projects.

Mike said...

...weren't included.

(Apologies for the break intransmission...)

Robin Kelly said...

Oh. That makes sense then. But my point still stands, sort of, if drama not given a chance.