18 July, 2010

Reading a script a day keeps the doctor away*

Someone was about to commit blogicide but I reminded them of a post they had which was very good. They offered it to me to put on my blog but then they changed their mind and gave it to Scott at Go Into the Story instead. Though shocked, I couldn't really complain because there is no better screenwriting blog than Scott's.

He updates regularly, which helps, but it's the great mix and variety of those updates which impresses. There is also peer review messageboard, called The GITS Club (Don't confuse it with Chelsea FC)

Starting tomorrow GITS will begin 40 Days of Screenplays. The idea is to read one script a day for 40 days (although no-one is going to tell you off if you can't manage it for all days).

Scott recapped what he said about the 14 day version when suggesting the stretched stint: "Reading scripts is one of the single best ways you can increase your understanding of the craft of screenwriting. And reading 14 scripts in 14 days multiplies the benefit as you begin to intuit things, I guess you could say, on a macro level. You pick up pacing and tone, style and scene transitions, and on and on and on."

As Scott adds here,"(there is) an enormous value in digging into a script, breaking it down, and analysing it. But as noted, there's also a lot to be said for reading the script straight through in a sort of macro way per the story's feel, tone, pace, and themes."

The idea was to change the quote above (beneath the blog title) regularly but it's been the same Stephen King quote for ages now. While laziness accounts for most of that, it's also the perfect quote.

Courses and books can be useful (Scott teaches
here BTW) but reading scripts and writing scripts should be taking up most of our learning time. As Aristotle says, "We learn by doing."

*This is a fact, you have my word

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