04 May, 2010

TwelvePoint.com free trial

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"Membership of TwelvePoint offers genuine professional advantage. Whether you're already earning a living in the entertainment business or just starting out, you'll find expert information, advice and guidance delivered by working industry professionals. You'll also find market news and networking opportunities that could help to boost your career.

The backbone of TwelvePoint is its unique, searchable database of articles analysing the craft and business of screenwriting. As a member, you'll have access to around 100 new, in-depth articles each year, in addition to many hundreds of articles from ScriptWriter Magazine's rich archive.

Joining is simple and at just £29 per year, it's amazing value. The articles alone work out at less than 4 pence each but there's so much more:

  • Where else can you send in a question and be sure that an industry pro will provide you with an answer?
  • Where else can you find script leads, contract advice, industry news and networking opportunities, all under one roof?

Don't take our word for it - browse the links below to sample the great content you'll receive when you become a member. If you like what you see but want a fuller view before making your decision, we'd like to offer you a ten-day trial membership of the whole website, completely free. Of course you could simply download everything and never come back - and there would be nothing to stop you - but you'd be missing out on the strong benefits of continuous membership.

Follow the links below for a small taste of the range and quality of information you'll receive when you join TwelvePoint, then enter your email address in the blue box at top left of the home page to sign up for your free trial."

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