16 May, 2010

"Eight reasons 'The Good Wife' and 'Modern Family' are practically perfect"

LA Times

"2. Writing: Some will argue that comedy is harder to write than drama, but that's just the kind of fire and ice debate that skirts the obvious. No matter the genre, a great television show is the most difficult thing in the world to write because there are so many moving parts and, with any luck, the story goes on for years. "Modern Family's" Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd and "The Good Wife's" Michelle and Robert King all began with character. Each show follows a group of complicated and fully realized human beings working through interesting immediate issues under a canopy of über-narrative. In both cases, the big picture is the inevitable, but at times impossible, needs of — and need for — family."

"8. A reliance on story and character over plot device, quirkiness and gratuitous anything: Both shows are smart without being snarky, realistic about the limitations of the human soul without being jaded, carefully plotted without being overly clever. Sex is present but not exploited, marriage is respected but not revered and love, though in the end binding, is never reduced to syrup. What violence there is in "The Good Wife" is mostly psychological and/or off-screen. So, not only are these shows artful and exciting, but they're also family-friendly"

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