20 April, 2010


Benjamin Cahan, inventor and co-founder of Final Draft™, the worldwide leader in screenwriting software, is proud to announce Talentville.com, a new global social network specifically created to give a voice and create opportunities for screenwriters and playwrights who lack insider connections but share the desire to be produced. By bringing together writers in a collaborative online environment that helps each member be the best that they can be, Talentville aims to be not just an online screenwriting community but in fact a “city” of writers
Talentville, Inc. announces the launch of a comprehensive online community for aspiring screenwriters where each member can work on their craft, network with other writers and industry professionals and ultimately benefit from their hard work.

“For too long,” Mr. Cahan states, “unknowns with talent and a driving passion to achieve a career as a writer in the entertainment industry have found it extremely difficult to get the attention of the Hollywood’s inner circle. Literary agents, personal managers, producers and studio executives rarely read unsolicited material, leaving talented but uncredited writers sitting on the outside looking in. Talentville aims to bridge that gap, harnessing the power of the many to find the best of the best and then actively promote top-rated works to professionals in motion pictures, television and live theater.”

Because the internet is accessible worldwide, the goal of the site is to create an entirely new market for aspiring writers regardless of their proximity to New York or Los Angeles or their financial ability to pack it up and move with the hope of meeting industry insiders willing to help advance their career. Talentville is about great stories well told, and anyone with the passion to write and the willingness to improve their skills deserves the opportunity to be seen and considered.

For industry professionals looking for the next big thing, Talentville provides a secure way to search for fresh material and ideas without being inundated by a constant barrage of unsolicited queries and requests.

According to Cahan, “Terms such as ‘pay it forward’ and ‘lend a helping hand’ have been noticeably absent from the creative arts for too long. Talentville hopes to reenergize that spirit and begin to send the elevator back down so that those with the talent and drive but without insider connections can get the ride to the top floor that they deserve. “

Talentville has partnered with Scriptapalooza to provide professional coverage for top rated submissions and with some of the top screenwriting authors, teachers and gurus including John Truby, Marilyn Horowitz, Dave Trottier and Chris Soth to provide educational content and expert advice.

For more information regarding Talentville.com, contact Benjamin Cahan at 310-482-1246 or via email at bcahan@talentville.com. The corporate address is 333 Washington Blvd. #601 Marina del Rey, CA 90292.

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