02 April, 2010

Jeffrey Leiber - Miami Medical - showrunner interview

Daily Kos: What's the most frustrating part about taking on a TV series, and what's the most awesome part?

Jeff Leiber: "The most awesome part is it's really freaking fun. Most of working in Hollywood is about developing things that never get made. I've killed more trees getting paid to write scripts that will never see the light of day. On the show, I get to actually make something. I remember this moment on the very first pilot I ever shot---right after the table read---where I noticed the hair people taking an actor away and talking to him about cutting off all his hair. I freaked out and said, "Wait, wait. Why the hell are you going to do that?" And they said, "Because its in the script. Here." And they pointed to where I had written: "He stands there. Head shaved bald." It was the moment it occurred to me, "Oh, dear God. The crap I write actually matters? No, no. STOP! I'M AN IDIOT!"

As for the least awesome part: the stupid shit always undoes you. Actors won't come out of their trailers. The studio guy has a cousin who is an "actress". Network "testing" has decided this line doesn't "read" Father Mulcahy. The WORK... I'd do for free. The people-do-strange-selfish-things-part... that's why they have to pay me."

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