15 December, 2009

Preview: "Glee"

"A phenomenon in the US, Glee follows an optimistic high school teacher as he attempts to inspire an oddball group of students to realise their star potential and restore the school's show choir - the glee club - to its former glory."

There's a sneak peak of musical comedy Glee tonight on E4.

The pilot is brilliant and, even if this genre isn't your sort of thing, is worth a watch. It created a huge buzz when it aired in the spring and expectations were largely met in the autumn.

E4 are doing the same thing as Fox: showing the pilot and then the rest of the season later - next year.

The Glee pilot is near perfect which can't be said about the season that followed. You get a sense of the story struggles they had and the inconsistent tone can be off-putting but it remained watchable throughout. I recommend, when it eventually arrives, that you 'go with the flow' instead of thinking, 'hold on a minute...'.

It's co-created by Ryan Murphy of Nip/Tuck which had its own fair share of bonkers storylines but I have to acknowledge that Glee being different and a bit weird isn't necessarily a bad thing. (Which is kind of the theme of the whole show.)

Glee, 9:00pm

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