17 December, 2009

Filmmaker gets Hollywood contract via YouTube

Uruguayan filmmaker Fede Alvarez uploaded a short film to YouTube and within a few days, his inbox was full of offers from producers to make a feature. After taking meetings with, possibly, every agency in town, he has accepted a £18.6m ($30m) contract with Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures.

Alvarez is developing a new story in the same genre for the movie which will filmed in Uraguay and Argentina. He said: "If some director from some country can achieve this just uploading a video to YouTube, it obviously means that anyone could do it."

Already a backlash has began saying that all because he can do a short it doesn't mean he can do a feature. Which is true. He might have to do some work or hire a screenwriter or get help from his boss who is one of the most popular writer-directors in the world.

This sort of story always produces two sorts of responses: jealous loser whining or copy-cat pro-activity. I think, perhaps, the latter will prove more productive.


Jonathan said...
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Jonathan said...

Inspiring stuff - and good luck to the film makers. I read about this recently: it took them months - spread out over several years - to make this film, something any whiners should note well. Meanwhile, I'm getting on with my copycat activity...;-)

The Kid In The Front Row said...

This is great - what a wonderful story. I'm sure he'll do very well - he clearly has talent and imagination... great to see!