20 November, 2009

Screenplay Adaptation Contest (USA Only)

It says something that while I'm watching a cheerleader movie instead of saying: "Corr!", "Wha-hey!" and "Hubedah, hubedah!", I'm actually saying:"what a brilliant screenplay!" That's how I felt about "Bring It On". I actually became quite evangelical about it and tried to convert genre snobs.

Well, the screenwriter of that movie, Jessica Bendinger has a new book out called
The Seven Rays and tweeted me about a USA ONLY adaptation contest based on it.

The idea is to read the book and choose a section to adapt into a 2-5 page screenplay. Although you do get the first chapter free on the competition page.

The prizes are a one-on-one script consultancy with Ms Bendinger herself and second prize is an opportunity to pitch a script to Jessica and various industry bods. Final Draft copies go to the runners-up.

Deadline: 15 February 2010.

Fee: $20

More details


terraling said...

Contest only open to residents of the US (except of Connecticut, Maryland and Vermont who are excluded).

Did you rate her film highly enough that you would pay $10,000 for a script consultation with her?

Sorry, but I call BS on that. She is clearly a very clever lady, increase sales of her book (because you will have to buy it to set yourself apart from everyone else using just the first chapter) and you have to pay for the privilege of entering the competition on top!

And she gets the hive mind to do the legwork of adapting her book, to boot.

This has to be the flakiest competition I've ever come across - though thanks for the heads up on "Bring it on!", I'll try and track it down.

Vulture Squadron said...

Bring it On is dope. It's a crime that it rates 5.9 on imdb.

It puts the 'cute' in acute.

Robin Kelly said...

Sorry folks, I assumed that she knew I was a limey because she said she loved my blog. Her spelling my name wrong was probably a clue. I am such a fanboy whore.