04 October, 2009

"The Great British Screenplay"

Andy Conway:

A little while ago on the Screenwriters' bulletin we tried to come up with a list of British screenplays worth studying for budding UK screenwriters.

I could name a hundred British movies with great scripts but I've tried to concentrate on ones where a draft screenplay is actually available for study. This means I can't really mention a favourite of mine: Michael Eaton's Fellow Traveller, which you can't get anywhere, nor Peter Chelsom and Adrian Dunbar's screenplay for Hear My Song, or Peter Howitt's Sliding Doors, all three of which are strong genre-bending scripts that I love, not to mention Patrick Marber's brilliant Closer.

When I list them like this it becomes clear to me that what I'm seeking in British screenwriting is an escape from depressing social realism. I never knew.

So here goes. These are the ones that do it for me."

Article in full

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