01 September, 2009

My podcasts

After many emails (1,718, to be precise) saying the same thing: "I don't want to read your stupid blog anymore" (minus the swearing and personal insults) I have set up a podcast option so people can listen to it instead!

Now if you're driving or jogging or working, you can download my blog to listen to instead of music or audio-books. Please don't all rush at once you might crash the servers.

Seriously though, in terms of accessibility for the visually impaired, perhaps my fellow bloggers may like to consider it also.

This is my Odiogo page but go here to get your own, if you want.

At the moment it's free but the terms and conditions gives them the option to charge in future. There is minimal advertising at the moment but the intention is that revenues will be shared with the blogger.


Michael Cook said...

Hmm - as an extra for the visually impaired, it's great!

For the rest of us, I think it shows that Writing For Performance means nothing without a good performance!

Robin Kelly said...

And in truth the podcast is nothing like a good performance. But do not despair I'm trying to contact Judy Dench and Kenneth Branagh to see if they would read my blog entries for me.

There is a distinct possibility they might say no but I have my counter-argument already prepared: I will point out how much money they have made off of writers and it's about time they put something back. That should clinch it.

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