04 July, 2009


...to Martin Adams.

He is a quarter finalist in both the Blue Cat and The Page international competitions. Blimey.

Martin is just an ordinary writer like you or me (some say "very very bloody ordinary") so if he can do it then any of us can. Some people also say that "Martin is a bastard who I hope rots in hell for being better at writing than me" but those people are wrong, whoever they are.

We need to show support, be positive and get cracking on our own next features. There are no excuses. There is only now.

Good luck reaching the semis, Martin.


Jason Arnopp said...

Yes! Three cheers for Lord Adams.

Hip hip...

potdoll said...

creeps :)

but yes very well done Martin!

martin said...

Why thank you sirs (and madam!)

And re "Some people might say that Martin is a bastard?" Only the one that know me, Robin ;)