26 July, 2009

"Adaptation Week: Interview with Helen FitzGerald and Sergio Casci"

Vulpes Libris:

"As a special, and very different offering, as part of Adaptation Week we talk to writer, Helen FitzGerald (novelist), and her husband, Sergio Casci (screenwriter) asking such penetrating questions such as the difference between writing novels and films, what they look for in a good adaptation and why their children have to beg them to stop talking about murder all the time."

"RosyB: What would you say are the main skills a writer needs to write a good screenplay/be a good screenwriter?

1. An ability to think and tell stories visually. Lots of writers have something to say. With screenwriting, you must also have something to show.
2. An ear for dialogue. I’m amazed at how many published novelists write as if they’ve never actually heard two people having a conversation.
3. Thick skin."

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