12 June, 2009

Danny's short

But enough about his personal problems! (I even LOL at that brilliant gag myself)

Danny Stack has made a short film and post-production is going to cost a lot. Considering all the information he has generously shared for the past four years, I think we can all agree that he shouldn't have to shoulder the whole lot himself.

Now I don't ask for much, not even for reciprocal links, but I average about 2000 'unique' visitors a week and if all of you were to donate one pound then that would put a sizeable dent into the amount needed without too much hassle.

You can, of course, donate more if you want. D
onate £5 and you get a Get Your Movie Made booklet.

This does mean opening up a PayPal account (if you haven't already got one) but it's quick to do and secure. It's useful to have an account anyway.

Go on, a pound's nothing, you can't get anything for just a pound nowadays, not anywhere at all. Apart from Poundland.


laurence timms said...

I second that. I paid my money and I'm chuffed to little apples with the info in the booklet.

Go on. Do it.



potdoll said...

hee i do like your jokes robin.

Laura Anderson said...

A most excellent jest :-)

Robin Kelly said...

Thanks Potsy & Laura.