23 June, 2009

CBBC/ writersroom information

Now I've finished my first draft for the CBBC comp, I'm looking to see what I need to do in the rewrite.

There are obvious things that I've spotted myself like lack of clarity and lack of emotion which needs to be dealt with but it's also a good time to pause and look at what the CBBC/writersroom actually want.

I have done printer-friendly pdf versions of the following writersroom pages:


This is the transcript for the event. (original web version)

"The Perfect 10" by Paul Ashton, writersroom boss

This was a series of 10 blogs over a several months covering every aspect of writing a script. It's an expansion on his First Ten Pages article. This acts as an essential checklist. (original web version)

This is a lot of information at a late stage but although I'm going to try and finish in time for the competition, I'm not going to panic as they welcome scripts throughout the year. Since starting I have had other ideas, which may be much better, but they can wait.

Peerage is a peer review site and writers are welcome to ask for reads of their first ten pages if they haven't already got a reader.


First 10 Pages

Archived articles and the first 10 minutes of several pilots


davidmelkevik said...

Thanks for the PDFs Robin.

I'm doing my redraft over the weekend so exactly in the same boat but these will come in very handy!

Best of luck with your entry.

Robin Kelly said...

You're welcome, David, good luck yourself

Antonia said...

I'm also re-writing over the weekend. Hard at it now in fact. Thanks for the links.

Good luck!

Robin Kelly said...

Good luck to you too, Antonia. This weekend will be fun! Hurray! Can't wait!