26 May, 2009

Shane Black action masterclass

The Guardian:

"A man, a mission, a fiendishly clever bad guy, some guns and a few explosions. It's the classic recipe for a good action movie. Back in the 1980s, Shane Black became Hollywood's go-to screenwriter for that sort of stuff. He wrote Lethal Weapon when he was just 23 and went on to write scripts for Last Action Hero, The Last Boy Scout and The Long Kiss Goodnight. This is his masterclass of moves no action movie should be without."

1. An action-driven plot

2. Highs and lows

3. Sudden impact

4. Throwaway gags

5. Subjective action

6. Awkwardness

7. Conventions stood on their head

8. Set-ups and pay-offs

9. Reversals

10. Quality of edge "

Article in full


Piers said...

Sadly, the Guardian got it wrong: Shane B didn't work on 12 rounds.

Corrected on their site now.

Still a good article though.

Robin Kelly said...

That's pretty annoying, I wasn't expecting a new Shane Black and so was chuffed.

It's like being given a Christmas present in May and then having it snatched back from you.

Piers said...


Damn you, The Guardian!

[shakes fist at heaven]