04 May, 2009

Keep Right On

"As you go through life,
It’s a long long road,
There’ll be joys and sorrows too,
As we journey on,
We will sing this song,
For the boys in royal blue,
We’re often partisan,
We will journey on,
Keep right on to the end of the road,
Keep right on to the end,
Though the way be long,
Let your heart beat strong,
Keep right on to the end,
Though you’re tired and weary,
Still journey on, ’til you come to your happy abode,
Where all the love, you’ve been dreaming of will be there.
WHERE? At the end of the road, Birmingham! Birmingham!"

Take away the specific references to the greatest football club on the planet, who have just been promoted to the Premiership, and the song applies to writers as well. We may be tired and weary but we have to journey on 'til we reach whatever our happy abode might be, whether it's a TV soap or a Hollywood movie or the West End or a Radio 4 series.


Adrian said...


As a fellow Bluenose I would recommend all writers support Birmingham City – the levels of pain and suffering that the team will cause you over a lifetime can provide great inspiration to draw from– especially if you want to write tragedy.


Robin Kelly said...

I agree, that's why so many Man U fans I meet are so incredibly boring; they have it made and never experience any real stress or heartbreak. I would hate for the Blues to be that successful, as my writing would suffer.