20 May, 2009

Ashley Pharoah, screenwriter, interview

Western Daily Press:

"Last year, Ashley and Matthew unveiled Bonekickers, which followed archaeologists in Bath, and which proved to be an uncharacteristic failure with critics and audiences.

"It's a shame, because I was rather fond of Bonekickers," Ashley says.

"We worked incredibly hard on it and I think it could have worked if things had been a little different.

"It was always meant to be a family show, and we'd imagined it would be aired at teatime. But for some reason the BBC decided to show it at 9pm, which meant we lost children from our audience. It looked out of place that late in the schedule.

"It was also meant to be a comedy, but for some reason, everyone seemed to take it seriously. The idea was to create something epic and ironic, like Indiana Jones, but everyone thought we were being serious, so it came across as ridiculous.

"But, the Americans loved it, and there's an American version in the pipeline, which is set in New England. I think it will go down well over there, and we'll get the chance to fix the things that went wrong on the British version."

The BBC wanted a second UK series, but Ashley and Matthew declined the offer."

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