23 April, 2009

"Why Hollywood has no iTunes for movies"

Los Angeles Times:

"Why has Hollywood been so slow to put its movies and TV shows online? I get asked that question all the time, but never found a simply way to offer the answer. In fact, there isn't a simple answer. But Slate's crackerjack technology columnist Farhad Manjoo offers the most persuasive explanation I've seen yet in this post about why there's no iTunes for movies.

As Manjoo notes, almost anyone living in an apartment or home equipped with a fast Internet connection has the ability to download an hourlong TV show in 10 minutes, a movie in about 15. But there's no current service that allows an enthusiastic consumer to make use of all that bandwidth. As Manjoo confesses: "I would gladly pay a hefty monthly fee for this wonderful service -- if someone would take my money. In reality, I pay nothing because no company sells such a plan. Instead, I've been getting my programming from the friendly BitTorrent peer-to-peer network. Pirates aren't popular these days, but let's give them this -- they know how to put together a killer on-demand entertainment system."

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The Brothers McLeod said...

Interesting stuff. Pirates are leading the way. If only the legitimate world would catch up!