10 April, 2009

London Olympics Destroying British Film

While we've always known that the London Olympics will need to steal money from charities up and down the country - effectively snatching cash from the sick and poor and widows and orphans - Screen Daily reports on something far worse happening:

"The UK Film Council is facing a $33m (£22m) cut in lottery funding over the next five years as money is diverted away from film to pay for the London Olympics. The cuts will mean an expected 15% reduction in the amount of lottery money available to British film - a drop of around $6.5m (£4.4m) a year." (Screen Daily)


Anonymous said...

Thanks to the olympics: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article2367705.ece

Robin Kelly said...

I'm sorry but despite that positive homeless people get nice houses story I still think the London Olympics is a waste of money.

Neil said...

I've always hated us having the Olympics. The Olympics should be in Olympia, Greece every year and every country in it should pay an equal amount to compete. Everyone funds every year.

This also stops biased events and the fact that it's easier to run in London heat than American heat. Also - it means we don't have to build a pointless stadium.

Anonymous said...

Robin, you misunderstand me, I linked that story because IT IS a waste of money. They get to move in to these new homes, when locals can't even get their kitchens fixed. And this is all because it's NEAR an olympics site, unlike the Chinese who booted people out for the actual sites themselves.

Anonymous said...

And they're Gypsies, isn't it against their whole "travelling" ethos or something?

Robin Kelly said...

Ano, I actually still see it as a LDA/London Olympics/ London Mayor/ Minister for Olympics & London/local council incompetence issue rather than a gypsy issue.

The Sun and other media wants us fighting amongst ourselves and not fighting the power.

If repairs were carried out and everyone got to live in a decent home there wouldn't be an issue. Why isn't the headline "Local council breaks law by refusing to carry out essential repairs"?

As we saw in Waterloo Road sometimes gypsies settle down so their children can go to school while they do their exams. Besides not all travellers are gypsies and not all gypsies are travellers.

Neil, I agree - perhaps the only issue is people not getting a chance to see events live when it goes to their part of the world.

But it is ludicrous that so much money is being spent on structures which will be torn down or left to rot the second the games finish.