10 April, 2009

Euroscript RomCom Evening (London)

Tuesday 5 May

6.00 to 9.30pm

Tutor: Charles Harris

What better way to spend a Spring evening?

RomCom can vary from up-beat and joyful all the way to sharp, sassy and even darkly cynical. The genre can happily include everything from the most off- beat TV sitcom through to some of the greatest (and most insightful) comedies the movies have created.

In this, the second of six popular genre evenings, we survey the comedy field and look at the three key types of comedy - what they require and how writers need to approach each of the three in a very different way. We discuss how RomCom can be mangled in the wrong hands, and how a writer who understands the genre can create great, satisfying enjoyable cinema.

We will also help you tease out which genre or genres are at work in your own projects, and give advice and feedback on how to strengthen their effect and make them work to the advantage of the script.

Come and talk RomCom and we will help you clarify your genre and deliver your story in surprising and satisfying ways.

A must-do workshop.

Maximum 12 per class.

Charles Harris is an experienced award-winning writer-director for cinema and TV who has worked with top names in the industry from James Stewart to Spike Milligan, Ricky Tomlinson and Alexei Sayle. As script consultant, he has helped writers from Britain, Europe and USA, sat on BAFTA awards juries and lectured on MA courses at London University and London Film School.

London Welsh Centre
157/163 Grays Inn Road
London WC1X 8UE (map)

Tuesday May 5
Registration 6.00pm
Workshop 6.15 to 9.30pm

UKP 45 each (UKP 41 - WGGB, DGGB, WIFTV, WriterNet)

Book online now: http://www.euroscript.co.uk/genrecourse.html

Please note, places are strictly limited to ensure personal feedback.

Email charles.harris *at* euroscript. co.uk or phone: 020 7435 1330.

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