10 March, 2009

"River's Up" by Alex Jones

Originally produced by Alan Ayckbourn's Stephen Joseph Theatre In Scarborough; River's Up has since been produced by the Swan Theatre, Worcester, had a critically acclaimed BBC Radio production and two sell-out productions in Rome, where it is called Effetto Serra.

Tom and Sally Millington’s house is about to be flooded yet again! Sally is worried and blames the icebergs, though Tom seems more concerned about the drunken Brummie revellers he has to sail up the Severn every weekend on his disco-boat. But this time the water level shows no sign of retreating, and before long they’re drifting around a watery Worcester searching for the Malvern Hills. Perhaps the resourceful Darren has made it to France with Caroline and little Sean and Jessica - but how will they cope with French toilets!

The irrepressible Millington's begin to realise they are witnessing the results of a global cock-up. Join them on their poignant journey in a dilemma that pits them against cataclysmic odds in a comic-tragedy of epic proportions.

On tour with Oxfordshire Touring Theatre Company until 24 April. Details/dates

Alan Ayckbourn stole my sex-swap play, writer claims


The Brothers McLeod said...

That Independent article about Alex Jones saying Alan Ayckbourn nicked his play in interesting. Also interesting that this revived Jones play is called River's Up and it's about a bunch of people going upstream with comic consequences (especially when you recall that one of Ayckbourn's plays is called Way Upstream and is about a bunch of people going upstream with comic consequences). It would be interesting to know what the 10 matching concepts were for the 'plagiarised' one were... because on the surface of it it doesn't look compelling. People waking up to find they're inhabiting another body isn't exactly new... I remember a rash of those films when I was growing up... 'Big', 'Vice Versa' and 'All of Me' spring to mind.

Robin Kelly said...

Good point about Way Upstream. Although I know the dude, I wish he hadn't gone down that public accusation route as I'm sure he'll regret it.

I also remember the fashion for body swap movies as a kid. Back then I was outraged at the 'stealing' of ideas, now I realise the basic idea is nowhere near as important as the original characters and story. They're all very different.

For instance I've seen Big, literally, a million times but 18 Again just the once.