20 March, 2009

"Half the Rules You Learned are Wrong"

Billy Mernit:

"Tonight, I show a group of students how a cleverly crafted series of setups in a script's first act is the key to effective pay-offs in a credible, contrivance-free climax. Tomorrow, I spend a day doing notes on a script that's a credibility-free contrivance-fest that has no climax... and has already been bought by the studio for half a million bucks."

"Your spec doesn't have to suck. But it helps to acknowledge that it is a sell. It's not a work of art, it's not a priceless pinnacle of writing perfection, it's a draft of a story that wants to be movie. And if letting go of some rules you were taught is what it takes, to get people to see the movie you see in your head... have at it, I say. You have nothing to fear but another rewrite."

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Scaramanga said...

I LOVE re-writing, sometimes more than writing itself.

Am I odd?


Robin Kelly said...

You are odd - but that's nothing to do with loving re-writing ;-)

Producing a sculpture that looks a bit like a bloke is an achievement - which many are happy with - but there is a pleasure for me in hacking away at it until it is the equivalent of Michelangelo's David.

Yes, I am comparing my scripts to great works of art. What of it?

Scaramanga said...

Ha Ha, nothing I guess. I would agree with you but I think Michelangelo is naff...I prefer splinter!

Sorry bad joke.

Do get what you mean though.