20 January, 2009

"Unique Screenwriting"

"Unique screenwriting is explosive writing. It's about trashing exhausted conventions and rejecting comfort-zone rules. It means originality, inventiveness, cinematic power and passion. And risk-taking.

Not words you usually find in the books and masterclasses of the script gurus who offer plenty of rules and blueprints for movies, but too often ignore the most vital element of scriptwriting - your unique voice.

This Unique Screenwriting Guide is a highly personal approach based on my experience of writing commissioned and optioned screenplays and on my many years as a script analyst. It's what I wish I had been able to find when I started out.

Producers, directors, acquisitions and development executives who I know have actually thanked me for setting up this site. They say there is a desperate need for my kind of innovative guidance for screenwriters because they despair at the number of poor quality, formulaic screenplays that get written by writers following the tired and outdated rules found in the screenwriting 'bibles'. "

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