05 January, 2009

"Setting Goals and Self-Efficacy"

Kitsap Sun:

Are you making New Year's resolutions for 2009? Planning to quit a habit, start one or keep momentum with an ongoing pursuit?

If smoking cessation, exercise introduction, sustained financial success or other personal or professional aspirations top your agenda, self-efficacy will provide framework for meeting your goals. According to Wikipedia, "self-efficacy is the belief that one is capable of performing in a certain manner to attain certain goals."

In psychologist Albert Bandura's social learning theory, four sources affect self-efficacy and the ability to achieve desired results.

Past accomplishments and experience: Mastery of previous pursuits builds confidence to manage challenging situations. Reflect on milestones and focus on positive experiences and lessons rather than dwelling on past downturns and mishaps.

Perception of Others: Viewing the success or failure of cohorts tends to influence actions and set benchmarks for what's ahead. Learn from those who have forged where you dare to tread and take notice of what worked and what didn't. How will you accomplish completion on your timetable?

Social Persuasions: Take stock of your surroundings, where your energy is directed and whom you keep company with. What are you doing with your time? Are you devoting precious leisure time to necessarily unwinding to rejuvenate yourself for action, working diligently and constructively or frittering away hours that could be more productively spent?

Emotional State and physiological Factors: Sense that performance jitters, butterflies in your stomach and anxiety as a symptom of change instead of a sign to give up. Take care of physical needs by getting enough sleep, staying hydrated and making room for relaxation while striving for growth.

Mastery of self-efficacy to achieve New Year's resolutions can be added to a year around tool-kit or custom designed personal policy and procedure for future goals. Write your strategy on your 2009 calendar or text to your electronic calendar so when December rolls around next year you can review your strategic plan. "

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Carmelle said...

Excellent post! Very insightful, thank you!

Great source of information on how to set goals and go about to achieving them.