01 January, 2009

Really Simple Goal Setting


"My favorite simplicity blog, Unclutterer, recently did a good post on goal-setting software called Lifetick, which is actually pretty cool. But as I was playing around with its nice little interface, I realized that for me, such a program is overkill.

I believe in keeping your goals simple, and if you do that, goal-setting and goal-management doesn’t require software.

In fact, you can do it with a single index card.

The key to simple goal setting is to not have too many goals. In fact, regular readers know that I advocate One Goal when possible. While that’s not always possible for some people, having too many goals makes things complicated and requires a more complicated system for keeping track of your goals.

Keep things as simple as possible if you can. That has the added benefit of allowing you to focus your energies on a small number of goals, making you far more effective with them.

Here’s what I recommend:..."

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