17 January, 2009

Preview: "Skins"

"E4’s home-grown drama series returns in early 2009 to challenge and entertain with the verve, audacity and daring optimism of series one and two. With just two returning characters, Skins, series three, introduces a host of new and exciting unknown talent.

“We're very excited about series three of Skins and feel that our new cast are shining in roles, stories and characters which have been created by young people to a greater extent than ever before.”
Bryan Elsley, Executive Producer

The Class of 2009 is headed up by the beautiful and mysterious EFFY (Kaya Scodelario), returning as the new queen bee. Effy is as enigmatic and elusive as ever. She’s joined by best friend, PANDORA (Lisa Backwell), sweet and kooky, she keeps the gang together.

Twins KATIE (Megan Prescott) and EMILY (Kathryn Prescott) are pulling in different directions. One wanting to shed her twin, and gain status, the other hanging on, crippled by shyness. NAOMI (Lily Loveless) a beautiful idealist - passionate, political and principled, completes the girls.

The guys are led by the irrepressible and irresponsible COOK (Jack O’Connell - This is England, Eden Lake), a daring and charismatic leader of the gang. His best mates sometimes despair, sometimes struggle to keep up, but are always there. FREDDIE (Luke Pasqualino) skateboards, smokes weed, loves his mates and is very cool. JJ aka Jonah Jeremiah Jones (Ollie Barbieri), is a master illusionist and also their strategist – together they get in, and just about out, of scrapes, as they scheme to succeed. Finally, THOMAS (Merveille Lukeba), good and honest, he travels from the Congo to set up home for his family, and has to find his feet in a new and strange country. Together the gang bond as they fall in and out of love, and lust, fight one another, compete against each another, and also unite as one."


Introducing the new characters


Oozing charisma, James Cook pulls off daring and dangerous stunts, knowing Freddie will always be there to bail him out. When his dark side emerges there’s no act, no matter how selfish or destructive, that Cook won’t consider. There’s no saying how long Freddie will stick around to save Cook from himself.

Freddie Mclair’s got bags of potential but no va va vooom. He’s happily travelling through life on his skateboard, smoking weed with his mates and staying cool. But will Freddie be forced to stand up to Cook and assert himself for the first time in his life?

JJ (Jonah Jeremiah Jones)
Master illusionist JJ’s got a huge imagination. With child-like excitement, he dreams up entertaining schemes, Cook carries them out, and Freddie acts as their conscience. They are the best trio in town. What could come between them?

Enigmatic and elusive, Effy’s the queen bee - attractive to all around her, utterly in control of herself and totally independent. But as her home life starts to fall apart, she is torn between new friends too – suddenly Effy has more to deal with than ever before.

An adorable innocent, Pandora’s found a best friend in Effy. With a sweet tooth for naughtiness, Pandora is sweet, quirky and warm-hearted, and helps keep this new group of friends glued together. Pandora is desperate to lose her virginity, but might just find love instead.


Super smart Katie Fitch is shedding her identical twin skin, and establishing her individuality. She’ll try anything to gain status, and relies on her looks to help her succeed. Only Effy sees her legs furiously paddling under the water as Katie tries to make the surface appear calm.

Emily Fitch likes being a twin. She’s crippled by her own shyness and depends on her sister to be the dynamic one. But what if her twin abandons her – who will she turn to?

Naomi Campbell is a beautiful idealist. Passionate, political and principled, no one believes in anything anymore - except for her that is. She finds a friend in Emily, but it’s complicated.


Thomas is a good, honest, honourable soul. But finding your feet in a new country is hard and Thomas needs to support his family. He needs money, and friends, but his mum is on his case.

Karen Mclair, Freddie’s older sister, dreams of being famous. She’s certainly not going to let her little brother, or his mates, knock her off course. The big hole in the Mclair family, since the death of their mum, isn’t going to be easily mended though, especially with these two at each others’ throats.


Charlie Pattinson, Company Pictures Managing Director and Skins Executive Producer says:

“It was a bold decision to re-cast the whole series with a new generation of sixth formers. I am delighted with the new cast and with the new, young writing team. They bring a fresh vigour and attitude to the show and will, I hope, bring with them a new generation of Skins fans.”

Camilla Campbell, Channel 4 Commissioning Editor, Drama adds:

“I am delighted that Skins is returning to E4 for a third series with an all new cast. The last two series of Skins have launched a raft of new on and off screen talent and we are looking forward to introducing a fresh set of faces again. This series promises to be as bold, funny, and original as ever.”


Skins series 3, E4, Thursday 22 January 2009, 10:00pm

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