03 January, 2009

Preview: "Demons"

Co-creator, Peter Tabern:

"Imagine the predicament of this young man. He wakes up one morning to discover a guy, who turns out to be his godfather, who tells him that the time is now and he's the Chosen One and it's his destiny to hunt demons. There's nothing he can do about it, whether he wants to or not. That hopefully will draw the viewer in."

"We wanted Rupert to be American to get across the global nature of the challenge that the young Van Helsing is facing. It crosses all international boundaries."

"...We've tried to avoid too much of the (vampire) paraphernalia because it makes you think that the mythology is genuine. We want to give the impression that the mythology is the half-truth and we know the frull truth." (Radio Times)


Jason Arnopp said...

Happy New Year, sir! Exciting, this. So great to see another genre show popping up.

Robin Kelly said...

And a happy new year to you, sir.

Yes, and if all goes well, Demons is another place to send specs to if you're a genre writer.

The Brothers McLeod said...

Watched the start of this and wasn't set on fire by it. I imagine I missed all the action at the end. Was it any good?

Robin Kelly said...

These things aren't really aimed at me as I like my shows to have logic and make sense when most of the target audience are perhaps willing to let that go.

Although, if we're not prioritising logic and truth in terms of characters and storytelling, then perhaps we need to up the pace, have more action and have really good dialogue.

That would help cover up the lack of tension due to the minimal characterisation and strange plotting and keep an audience interested.

However, it is only the first episode and once all that exposition is out of the way, it might improve.

Janice Okoh said...

For me, the trailer I saw on the escalator at London Bridge looked awful. My brother watched it and said it was a bad Buffy. But we are not genre watchers unless it's on the silver screen so we could be missing something.

Robin Kelly said...

I don't consider myself a genre fan (although maybe I'm in denial) but I loved Buffy because it was well-written.

You can superficially copy the main elements of Buffy like a teen whose destiny is to fight demons, a watcher called Rupert, a library, etc but that isn't what made the show work.