10 January, 2009

"Opportunities for screenwriters 2009"

"Hi Everyone

I hope you are well organised for 2009, because the great news is there’s never been a better time to be a new writer or director striving to break into the industry.

Okay, I know, you probably think I am totally out of my mind, what with the trades spreading doom and gloom about loss of advertising revenues, job cuts and disappearing funding options. You would be right to think the next two years are going to be incredibly tough for a great many people. However, I am already hearing from lots of writers and filmmakers who are turning this situation to their advantage.

Right now there are many highly experienced producers, director, and actors available and willing to advise or work with new talent. Kit hire, dubbing studios and editing facilities are negotiating crazy deals and getting involved with low to no budget projects. Industry professionals that are normally way out of reach of most aspiring writers are turning their support to ideas because they are interesting and actually HAPPENING. Out of adversity comes opportunity for those who are passionate, motivated and organised.

Of course I would much rather there was no recession, that nobody had to struggle, but this is the reality we are are faced with. However, a word of caution! Always be honest and do not abuse people’s generosity. Also, if this sudden wealth of opportunities is news to you it’s time to get busy or risk missing out.

The hundreds of you who have already bought a copy of MAKING IT AS A SCREENWRITER have everything you need to turn the recession to your advantage by using the techniques and strategies outlined in the book. Be brave, adaptable, passionate and highly motivated and you will have an incredibly exciting year.

I really enjoy hearing about all your successes and look forward to hearing from more of you. To download your copy of MAKING IT AS A SCREENWRITER visit www.meadkerr.com where you can see what award winning screenwriters, script editors and producers are saying about this unique career guide.

All proceeds from sales go to Childline, the free helpline for children in danger or distress .

Best wishes
Adrian Mead"

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