06 January, 2009

Goal linkage

These bloggers discuss their goals:

Have you done yours yet?

I think setting goals are
crucial to achieving. They're useless if they are something vague in our heads and need to be something written on the page. Something simple and realistic will do.


Neil said...

Right you are! Once I've finished my exam next Thursday, I shall set myself goals. Thanks for that!!!

I'm Neil btw, an aspiring screenwriter in Doncaster. Will be keeping an eye on your blog.

Happy writing,

Robin Kelly said...

Cheers Neil, good luck with the exam.

Bingethink said...

Love the blog, Robin. Great writing tips and links and everything. You can do no wrong.

Except... all this constant sub-Oprah self-empowerment bollocks is doing my head in!

Do we think Hemingway sat down with a tick-list of strategic career goals and targets, like some third rate travelling salesman? We're writers, Goddammit!, not middle fucking management!!

Stop writing lists. Start writing scripts. That's my goal for 2009.

Robin Kelly said...


I feel your pain, thank you for sharing, have a virtual hug { } ;-)

Believe me, I'm not touchy-feely, goals are just practical.

We can just start writing whatever script we want of whatever genre for telly, film, radio or stage but thinking about goals helps to focus on what that script should be.

If we want a TV credit more than anything else then why spend time writing a movie? It's going to make sense to prioritise and focus on writing something that will help achieve that TV credit.

And even once we've narrowed down our targets to getting a TV credit, we still need to prioritise the goals to get there, depending on our experience and what time we have available.

For one person 'writing a good 60 minute spec' is the only goal they have that can be done with the other commitments they have.

For someone else it might be achievable to do Coming Up, Writers Academy, Sharps, the Red Planet Prize and have a couple of attempts at Doctors or Eastenders.

There are incredibly efficient self-motivated, ultra-confident writers (or 'bastards' as I like to call them) who need no Oprah-esque style motivation but the rest of us may sometimes need a nudge.

I guess we need to look back at the past year and decide if we really achieved what we wanted to.