28 January, 2009

"A Crash Course in Screenwriting by David Griffith"

"Note: these screenwriting guidelines for 16-21 year olds were written by David Griffith in 2004 for Scottish Screen’s "First Writes" competition, to provide more detailed information for some of the older entrants. However, the guidelines should prove valuable for all young and new writers, and Scottish Screen’s delighted to present them here."

Also written for the First Writes scheme:

"Useful hints and tips for writing short films by David Griffith"


Lee said...

I read these back in 2005 - may have even linked to them, can't remember - and found them very useful. Recommended - thanks for the reminder.

Robin Kelly said...

I also forgot about them, I re-found it while de-cluttering my hard drive. I also found some Paris Hilton photos I thought I'd lost. Double result!