15 January, 2009

"The Business of Screenwriting"

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"It should be apparent to anyone who follows this blog that I enjoy posting about movie analysis, screenwriting theories, and the mystery of the writing process, too. However, one area I focus on -- in part because I have found a dearth of resources on it on the Web -- is the business of screenwriting. For if you are fortunate enough to write and sell a spec script, there are certain things you need to know both to protect yourself and maximize your chances at turning screenwriting into a career. Basic things like:
  • Know who the buyers (studios) are
  • Familiarize yourself with top to mid-level agencies and management companies
  • Track the buying marketplace
  • Be aware of studio business trends
  • Learn the broadstrokes of Hollywood's film history
  • Know how to get hold of recent selling spec scripts
  • Push yourself to generate lots of -- and hopefully some great -- story concepts
  • Write everyday "
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