25 December, 2008

"Zeigeist: Hopeful movies?"

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"Whether it's a trend in movies, a trend with movie critics, or perhaps both, there is something in the air just now about "hopeful movies." It all started on December 4th in the LA Times with this article called "Its' nervous-making time at Sundance" which include some choice quotes from the festival's programming director John Cooper:

Cooper says the slate of 16 dramatic competition films in the festival's 2009 lineup is not as esoteric and challenging as in recent years, when Sundance subject matter included drug addiction, mental illness and sexual degradation -- and those were the comedies.

Rather than craft depressing movies about such gloomy times, Cooper says, Sundance's writers and directors are turning toward more uplifting narratives.

"They looked at the world and said, 'We can't make dark movies. We need something hopeful.' There's a lot of romance -- people dealing with love and life and relationships. What they are really concentrating on is a better sense of story -- and ones that have real emotional impact," Cooper says."

"UPDATE: A lot of good points raised in comments. Trevor's main point about writing a good story being the best approach to market vagaries is good advice. That said, tracking the buying marketplace is potentially a valuable practice because it doesn't take that much time to work up a pitch or even a spec script based upon a current area of need / interest."

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