26 December, 2008

Neal Purvis & Robert Wade, screenwriters, interview

The Times:

"Neal Purvis is living every teenage boy's fantasy - his alter ego is James Bond. As the scriptwriter of the past four 007 movies, Mr Purvis gets to decide who the world's most popular secret agent kills and who he kisses.

The 46-year-old is one half, along with Robert Wade, of one of Britain's most successful screenwriting partnerships. “To write a 007 film is a dream come true,” he says.

Being a scriptwriter may not be as glamorous as other dream careers, such fighter pilot or brain surgeon - Mr Purvis writes most of his scripts on a laptop sitting alone in a café - but it is just as difficult to succeed. It took Mr Purvis and Mr Wade many years to attain their success.

Having studied film and photographic arts at the Polytechnic of Central London (now the University of Westminster), he and Mr Wade - a Kent University graduate - decided to pursue their screenwriting dreams."

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