09 December, 2008

Fourth International Screenwriters’ Festival 2009

Tickets for the Fourth International Screenwriters’ Festival 2009 go on sale at 17.00pm on Tuesday 9th December 2008. Buy now and save £50.00, go on treat yourself or a loved one for Christmas.

Early Bird rate is £196.00 for two days and £339.00 for four days (prices inc. new Vat rate 15%.) prices will increase by £50.00 per ticket at the end of April. These tickets are limited so now is the time to buy and guarentee your place at the Festival as they sold out pretty quick for SWF'08.

Our programme is still in development and we are planning subjects such as:

‘Conversion Tactics’ – Adapt your writing skills for different mediums; i.e. Film to TV, TV to Film, Radio to TV, Radio to Film, Novel to Film/TV, etc. We explore transferable and additional required skills.

‘Short Films’ – We examine writing for Short Films in all their glory, from 3 to 20 minutes. One specific short film will be de-constructed as we illustrate the various stages of development and production. From the initial script, through it's developed, to production to finally distribution and marketing.

‘Scripting the Timelord’ - The UK's most successful science-fiction series gets some sessions all to itself. Jumping through time ourselves we take a look at the various writing outlets for the Doctor which include not only the various TV series, but audio cds, comics, novelisations, animation as well as the spin-offs 'The Sarah-Jane Adventures' and 'Torchwood'.

'Script Market' - Will return in 2009 where we will offer the opportunity to Delegates to help broker their spec scripts to Agents, Producers, Development Executives and TV Comissioners. We will announce the entry date in late January, so please don't send anything to us yet.

'Networking' - Much like Dizzy Gillespie we want you to come and blow YOUR OWN trumpet with a series of facilitated networking opportunities where it's up to you to make the contacts that will advance your writing.

'Workshops' and 'Masterclasses'- More training in 2009 with workshops and masterclasses designed to help you with various elements of the scriptwriting process: treatments, outlines, pitching, planning will all be made easier. We will also summerise the best formating software, writing packages and help books.

'Scriptbites' - The highly successful session-ettes will return as our speakers make themselves available to talk to small intimate groups about varying subjects such as adaptation, writing partners, training and script editing to name but a few.

'Speakers' - We expect another strong line-up and are currently approaching some of the big names in UK and International Scriptwriting to come and share their knowledge, stories and war stories. We are also looking at attracting UK Agents, Producers, Developers and Commissioners so that you can discover what is going on in the industry and where your project might fit. Previous guests have included Guillermo Del Toro 'Hellboy II', Diana Ossana 'Brokeback Mountain', Mike Leigh'Happy Go Lucky', Kay Mellor 'Fat Friends', Stephen Frears 'The Queen', Olivia Hetreed 'The Girl with a Pearl Earring', Ronald Harwood 'The Pianist', Jane Tranter - Head of BBC Fiction, Dr. Raj Persaud - psychologist and Laura Mackie - Head of ITV Drama.

For travel and accommodation as well as speaker updates and other information please go to the website - www.screenwritersfestival.com


I was hoping to attend the festival next year but they have shifted the venue to Cheltenham Ladies College. I'll have to ask my brief if my injunction could be suspended for the event. It was all just a big misunderstanding anyway.

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