27 November, 2008

"Red Planet Commiserations"

Write Here, Write Now:

"Commiserations though to everyone who DIDN'T make the cut. Remember, it's easy to denigrate your efforts on the basis of this result, but please don't. Just because you didn't doesn't mean you're shit, your script is just not what RP is looking for. I'm not saying this from a lofty position of "I've got through, loo-hoo-ser-huh" either, 'cos I didn't. Again. I won't lie either: it smarts, especially when I have a draft ready to go. But you know what? Happens. Get over it. We all have to.

It sounds cheesy, but at times like these you have to take stock and assess what you DO have. I have plenty of other opportunities and irons in the fire, but even if I didn't, I DO have a good script. I know this, because I have shown it to loads of people - that's the beauty of feedback: you get to know if you are kidding yourself or not. If I had hidden my script away on my desktop, showing it only to Red Planet, then I would probably be deleting it right now. Remember - what works at one place, doesn't always at another. So always make sure you show your script to as many people as possible, you never know when you will need that feedback to verify your own sense of self esteem, if nothing else! Whatever it takes to keep going, I say."

Article in full

Congrats to everyone going through to the next round including Steve, Jase, David, Tim, Oliver, Michelle, William, Laurence and Gerry


Lucy said...

Thanks Robin - no luck for you, then? Not to worry, keep on keeping on as they say! : D

Robin Kelly said...

Cheers Lucy :)

Jason Arnopp said...

Sir Robin! Your blog is always incredibly useful, but you excelled yourself with that pre-RPP 2008 study of the first ten minutes of various shows. I know it helped with my entry, so thanks very much indeed.

Robin Kelly said...

You're welcome, I'm glad it helped.