17 November, 2008

"The 7 Habits of Hollywood's Most Successful Six (and Seven) Figure Screenwriters"

The Business of Show Institute

"Have you ever wondered why some screenwriters are able to to get more exposure, build personal contacts and networks, stay current on what studios are looking for, and gain access to buyers, producers, agents and managers?

If you haven't yet achieved the success you want with your screenwriting career, watch this quick, 4 minute video clip from the exclusive "7 Habits" seminar with Producer Marvin V. Acuna. Then type in your first name and email address for the entire 90 minute workshop... for Free!"

(Via Shooting People)

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Jason Arnopp said...

Thanks for this, sir - interesting, and indeed illuminating. An interesting logline-creation method there: write one sentence for each 10 minutes of your script, then melt and compress it down until you have the story in a nutshell.