29 October, 2008

"Yanks winning format war"

The Hollywood Reporter:

"It was billed as the season of foreign formats.

Of the 12 new scripted series premiering this fall on the Big Four networks, only six were homegrown. Five were based on international formats, and the other, NBC's "Crusoe," was foreign-made.

But one month into the season, all of the rookie ratings standouts are U.S. born and bred, and the imports are struggling.

Four new series -- all created by American writers -- have been picked up for a full season so far: "Fringe" on Fox, "The Mentalist" at CBS and two spinoffs of old American series, the CW's "90210" and NBC's "Knight Rider."

Meanwhile, the freshman immigrants saw their first casualty with "The Ex List," CBS' dramedy based on an Israeli format, which was pulled this week.

Despite being given some of the best real estate on the broadcast networks, format-based rookies have been stumbling."

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