22 October, 2008

"Why Can't Drama Be More Llike Football?"

Script Doc:

"England vs Argentina, World Cup, 1998. I watched it in a pub in Bristol. Probably the smallest pub in Bristol. The place was packed.

Normally, football leaves me cold. But England's clash with Argentina at St Etienne was something else. Ninety nail-biting minutes, followed by extra time, followed by a penalty shootout. A young David Beckham (whatever happened to him?) got sent off. The community of emotion was incredible.

There were groans. There were mutterings. There were roars. There was armchair analysis. There were anxious faces. We sat, transfixed. We stood, punching the air. We held our breaths.

We lost. But watching that match I wondered, through the ever-thickening alcoholic haze - why can't drama be more like this?"

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Anonymous said...

The last time I really felt what's called an emotional roller coaster ride was when I watched the unaired (and never to be aired) pilot of "Pretty / Handsome". I not only rooted for the characters - no, I was amused, shocked, felt their sadness, understood their problems and could already see dozens of episodes ahead.

That's the way drama should be.