01 October, 2008

Michael Hirst, "The Tudors", interview


"How accurate did you feel you had to be in writing about this time period? With regards to balance between research and imagination, how much license did you feel you had?
I’ll answer that, partly, with a story. In 1588 the painter Veronese was dragged before the Inquisition to answer questions about his great painting of the Last Supper. They asked him why, instead of just Christ and his apostles, there were dozens of figures in the painting? Veronese said the canvas was very large and he had to fill it!…Then what is the meaning, they asked, of the dwarf whose nose is bleeding, or the German soldiers? Veronese replied: “Here I must say something: we painters, like fools and poets, claim license…” Well, I claim some license too. Art is different from life. It has to have form. What I always say is that I’ve written a soap opera based on historical material!"

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Hirst, you have not written or done, you have created; people who may not have said these exact words or actions. You stuck to a truth, you and the wonderful actors, staff,directors and propts. It made the viewers laugh, screem, cry and shout. Most inportantly you brought the forgotton about. Sorry to see it end so soon, all these other silly shows give nothing meaningful we all know. Whith so much material why not make it a 5 - 6 year series, teaching the TV landers some truth, even in slim. I will never know the politics around this, I will thank you for drawing my attention to this part of european history. As a Professor of medicine, and a soldier injuried in the line of duty I thank you for what you have done for the country. We need some history. sincerely Buddabar@aol.com