20 October, 2008

Life on Mars USA - The Pilot

The second episode of Life on Mars was stellar but it lost 17% of its audience from last week. However, its time-slot rival, The Eleventh Hour, managed to increase its audience.

I think this is more to do with the lead-in than the quality of the shows.
The Eleventh Hour gets CSI (18.8 mill) and Life on Mars gets Grey's Anatomy (14.4 mill). The ABC remake also needed an inheritance from something in the same genre ballpark, like Lost, for full momentum. The ratings still ain't too shabby so fingers crossed that they don't dip further.

Here's the first episode. Would you watch episode 2?


David Lemon said...

Reminds me of the first episodes of the US Office before it found its own tone; everything's well done but it can't help feeling like a good cover version. That said, the last shot is ace in a Planet Of The Apes kind of way.
It's weird- I went to a talk by Ashley Pharoah and Mathew Graham at which they implied it was very different. On the evidence of the first 8 minutes, its incredibly close.

Robin Kelly said...

Yes, even some shots and angles are the same as the original - as well as much of the dialogue.

It starts to move away a little in epi 2 by introducing a new regular character and deeper conflict within the team. The pacing and structure is different but I'm not sure it's "very" different.