23 October, 2008

"Broadway's glass ceiling"

The Guardian:

"Could we get real? Every year is the Year of the Man, with a couple of women who manage to crawl their way into the lineup. In the 2008/2009 season, as it has been announced, the number of plays written by women on New York stages will amount to 12.6% of the total. Want to know the same figure for the 1908/1909 season? Let's see, it was ... 12.8%!

One might put this trend down to something like, hmm, discrimination. But actually what we're told is that the plays that are produced are just the plays that were worth doing, and that playwriting is in fact a Y-chromosome gene. So women should just back off, because putting plays written by women into production because maybe audiences might like a really well-written play that was well-written by a woman would be pandering to ideas of political correctness. And art doesn't do that.

What art does is celebrate the lives and struggles of men."

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Janice Okoh said...

we had a literary guy give us a talk about this on my MA. Apparently the people with the purse strings are usually men, who tend to want to put on what they want to see... It's as simple as that.

potdoll said...

shit. shite. bollocks and ARSE.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what percentage of the scripts sent to agents/producers are written by women. I'd expect it to be highter than 12 point something, but not by much.

Robin Kelly said...

Anno, based on the National, about 20% of unsolicited scripts are by women but a) that's a big enough discrepancy for them to examine their practices and b) 20% is low enough for them to be more pro-active in getting more women to write for the stage.

The problem is women may see the vast majority of plays are by men and feel theatre writing isn't for them and don't bother trying.