19 October, 2008

"The best of British"

The Independent

"Ever heard of Matt Greenhalgh? How about Adrian Hodges? No? Yet the films they have written have had audiences flocking to them and their latest work has made a secret industry shortlist of the UK's best unproduced scripts.

The Brit List comprises the most recommended screenplays by UK and Irish writers that are yet to be put into production. It is a showcase for new and established talent, and it has executives buzzing on both sides of the Atlantic. This year's fare ranges from a biopic of John Lennon, Nowhere Boy, to a London council estate under attack from aliens, Attack the Estate, by Adam and Joe's Joe Cornish.

The list was launched to bring attention to the best new works and adaptations which, either for timing or financial reasons, or due to plain under-exposure, have not been picked up. "

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