23 September, 2008

Online scriptwriting course

"All a scriptwriter, author, writer or producer needs to be able to write his own movie can be taught via e-mail in a few months and at a convenient cost. This is the main idea at the base of our courses. Eight simple lessons and eight exercises to verify progress and learn from mistakes. With a teacher always available who answers all your questions privately, clearing your doubts, analyzing structure issues together, formatting, dialogue writing, and rewriting.

At the end of the course, besides having enjoyed the 14 weeks, you will be familiar with the technical aspects of scriptwriting and possess the basic notions of the theory of screenwriting. And most of all, you will be capable to write your own movie, at your talent and passion’s level.

The first lesson (a 29 page pdf on format) is free and does not bind you to subscription."



The main reason to enroll to the course is because these lessons represent an efficient synthesis between autodidactic studies and traditional courses. The former, in fact, are free from any guiding element and external verification and are often insufficient. The latter, instead, are often uselessly expensive and don’t necessarily offer the correct tools to learn the subject.

The reasons to enroll to the course are many:

  • because the course forces you to a commitment: initially only two-three pages of homework to become familiar with the subject, while at the end of the course you will be asked to write a short film.
  • because the course can be followed directly from home (or from your office). You will therefore be able to read the lessons at your leisure time and communicate privately with your teacher at any moment. This way, you never risk losing a lesson!
  • because this online course is not an automatic distributor. When you do your exercises, you won’t have to correct them yourself, nor jot down a cross or two on some answer and have the test thrown into Hal 9000. If you have doubts, you don’t have to find the answer in some “faq” page. Somebody here reads what you write."
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Bingethink said...

"An in-depth examination, whose aim is that of individuating all those peculiarities that can turn a formally correct text into a quality script"

Think I might pass on this...

Robin Kelly said...

I suppose you have to not mind that academic style but at least the course seems practical.

Bingethink said...

Academic style is OK. It's the lousy translation that's killing me.

"Individuating all those peculiarities"? That's a bit like translating "comedy club" as "Saturday Night Live".

Robin Kelly said...

I see what you mean, I was seeing it as just pretentious.