16 September, 2008

3 Ways To Be Memorable By Breaking People’s Patterns


"Life is full of little situations that you encounter regularly. Some people don’t see these for the opportunities that they are: a chance to stand out, be different, and be memorable.

They’re a way to quickly built rapport with someone so they can think back later and say “Brian…hmm, yeah he was the guy who does [BLANK]” or “Barbara, oh yeah she is the gal who said [BLANK]“. You stood out enough to be remembered.

By breaking out of your comfort zone and doing something a little different than everyone else you can connect with new people on a regular basis."

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25 Ways to distinguish yourself


Jason Arnopp said...

Interesting, this, King Kelly. It definitely pays to stand out from the crowd when networking and introducing yourself to someone who'll have 50 other slavering scripters eagerly bantering at them.

Best if it happens naturally, of course - perhaps with a shared, spontaneous joke. Rather than, for instance, squirting water in their eye with a comedy flower.

Just give them something to remember you by. Imagine yourself as a Friends episode - what's going to be your title in their mind?

Piers said...

The One That's 16% Better.