30 August, 2008

Steven Bochco, showrunner, interview


"The flip side of that is you're working on a cable budget (about $2 million per episode rather than broadcast's $2.5 million or more). How do you make that work without sacrificing good content?

I think you do sacrifice something. You know, you figure out how to make adjustments. Fundamentally, you're still telling complex stories with interesting characters, and you're raising complex questions. What you may have to give up on here, and there is a certain level of production value, which if you do what we hope we're doing well is something the viewer won't actually miss.

This is a show which because of budget constraints really doesn't allow us to go outside very much. So it's an interior show. But because it's a courtroom drama, you sort of belong inside. I haven't seen to many outdoor courtrooms."

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