22 August, 2008

Joanna Murray-Smith, playwright, interview

The West Australian: "After being scorned by Germaine Greer, playwright Joanna Murray-Smith will be hoping Nicole Kidman is a much kinder critic.

The Melbourne-based writer found herself in hot water in Britain after Greer let fly in a Sunday newspaper about Murray-Smith's latest play to hit London's West End.

Greer was riled by The Female of the Species, a comedy based on an iconic feminist called Margot Mason who is held hostage in her home by an angry fan, echoing the harrowing experience Greer endured eight years ago.

While the world-renowned Australian feminist admitted to not having seen the play or read its script, that didn't stop her branding Murray-Smith an “insane reactionary” and accusing her compatriot of holding feminism in contempt.

Murray-Smith's next film project also could be considered quite close to home for Kidman, but is unlikely to spark the same kind of outraged response. "

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