15 August, 2008

Interview: Liza Marshall, head of drama, C4


"I often get pitched bleak and depressing ideas," Marshall acknowledges. "I'm never looking specifically for that, but for great drama that has something to say - both pieces with scope and ambition, and small stories that have real resonance."


"The great thing is that I don't commission to slots," she says. "We have a pot of money, and as and when ideas come to us we will commission them in any form. I want things that really stand out and feel distinctive or original and want a range of tones.


But Marshall is wary of C4 drama being seen as a closed members' club and believes drama offers one of the best opportunities for new talent. Drama will, she says, be developed within the 4IP online public service broadcasting fund announced as part of chief executive Andy Duncan's Next on 4 strategy, building on the cross-platform opportunities already demonstrated by Hollyoaks and Skins.

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