02 August, 2008

I'm a Minger!

"Kelly, right, Kelly the bitch decides to have a party on the very same night as my sleep over - the very same night! And I know she's done it on purpose, and she invites everybody, doesn't she? Sophie, Tori, Heather, Sam - even Treena... except me of course... I want to die!"

Welcome to the world of 14 year old Katie Weller as she battles her way through the bitches, the flab, the misery of school discos, the desperate search for a worthy boyfriend, the impossible task of tidying a bedroom that is not a bloody Tardis, the embarrassment of a Dad who can't cook anything more normal than grilled snapper, a Mum who seems to have no idea of the importance of shopping, and the constant urge to throw up after every meal time in the hopeless quest for the size zero grail!

"Get ready to meet Kelly (bitch face) Parker, Sophie (supposedly my best friend), Sam, Tori and the rest of the posse, Wanker Williams my twisted RE teacher ("Detention for you girl!"), Oliver Bunting and his mates who think they have half a chance of popping my cherry - in your dreams! The gorgeous Roger Bostock from year 11 (it's such a shame about his ginger hair though), Mel and the chavs from Skylark Rise (all hair-extensions and cheap lip-gloss), and... look - I haven't got time to tell you everything, just come and see my wonderful show about my wonderful, yet somehow tragically flawed life, and get this, they've got this actor, Alex Jones to play them all, including me! What's that about?! He's a bloke!

A hilarious journey in a world where pain and joy mingle - and sometimes within the very same sentence! Funny yet poignant, touching on important current issues like bullying, friendship, anorexia and self-esteem - a totally unique production that is not only revelatory and moving, but ultimately seriously entertaining!

written and performed by Alex Jones
25 - 30 August at theatre503,
503 Battersea Park Road, London SW11 3BW

(Also look out for it on tour)

"Alex Jones writes with fury, passion and compassion about those whose voices are seldom heard" - Financial Times

"A powerful new voice in the theatre" - Daily Telegraph

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